Nutritional Supplements Get Formulated, Then Manufactured And Distributed

What happens when someone has an idea for a great new nutritional supplement? First, the idea for the new supplement comes, then formulation must be studied and samples must be made and tested. Then, the supplement must be manufactured and distributed. To accomplish this, the supplement inventor must use the services of a company such as Superior Supplement Manufacturing. These companies will help a person or group take their supplement from the idea stage to the finished product sitting on the store shelf waiting for the customer to purchase it.

Individuals or companies go through stages to get that great supplement idea from conception to the consumer. The first stage involves searching for and finding a substance that can contribute to better health such as a vitamin or nutrient. Then nutritional biochemistry takes over. How can that nutrient be extracted, mixed with other ingredients and put in a form people can ingest safely? The nutrient must be tested and proven to be safe and effective. The proper formulation must be determined. The manufacturing process must be decided upon and put into motion. All of the raw materials must be sourced. The delivery system must be decided upon. Will the supplement be in the form of a powder, capsule, tablet, liquid, or soft gel? Will it be sold loosely packed in bottles or in some form of blister packs?

There are supplement manufacturers who work with customers who do not have their own manufacturing facilities to bring new products to the market. The company will work with customers at any stage of development. They can act as a supplier of tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, soft gels, custom formulations, or high-quality raw materials. They can actually help the customer determine the correct formula, meet USDA standards for organic, Kosher, and natural products, and manufacture the final product in their modern manufacturing facilities. They can help with custom packaging and labeling. The label must be well designed to catch customer attention and convince them to consider the product. For many nutritional supplement companies, using an independent manufacturer is more cost effective than setting up and maintaining their own equipment. For more information, please visit the website.